Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Snowshoe

Last weekend, the Dogtor took Frasier and me to Landgrove, VT, where the woods are quiet and dogs live in restaurants. ( We snowshoed part of the Catamount trail, the Dogtor with baby-on-back.

We fed ourselves at The Garden Market in Londonderry (barbecue tempeh sandwich!), then went to Taylor's Farm to sample cheese and feed the chickens. There were pea hens roosting on the pick-ups there, and some young Nubian goats to greet us. I aspire to own chickens, but was intimidated by the alpha rooster's spurs - I think I could've taken him, though.

We came home with garlic gouda, spicy brown mustard, rustic bread, and arugula. Score. Overall, a good Vermont trip that chipped away at my cabin-craziness.

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