Sunday, March 7, 2010

Half-Nekkid at the Crystal Coast

I'm in Beaufort, NC with my family, and it's fifty degrees. Which means my Vermont blood is saying to me: WARM. Which means I am in shorts, and the native beach people are hoofing around in turtlenecks, fleece, and gloves looking at me like I'm Canadian or something. (Close.)

I am a notoriously bad packer, and focused my packing energy on Fray-monster, so I made it to the coast with no razor. Which means FEMINIST LEGS. In shorts.

(and taking bad camera-phone pictures)


  1. Not that it compares at all, but I just went three months without a haircut. Got to the point where I would be in meetings or at dinner with friends and my hair was very much the focal point, the EYE-talian curly-headed elephant in the room with giant wings of flight. My friends and wife are happy that I got a cut yesterday. I look normal again. But for those three months, for the first time in a while, I felt free.

  2. Are there pictures?!?! "eye-talian curly-headed elephant in the room with giant wings of flight..." - that is awesome. inspired, even!