Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm the Firestarter!

Or, I wish I was. I want to be a better firestarter. I have killed two fires this week. @#$%!

Every time I look at our beloved woodstove, I think of the Prodigy tune Firestarter. (Can such a musical tirade be called a tune? Is that like calling something by System of a Down a jingle? BYOB is totally on my running play list - you will slay hills with this song. And Radiohead's Myxomatosis. And then, you know, something by the Four Tops, Wham!, or Phil Collins to keep it light and absurd.)

Firestarter is one of those songs I have to sing with an accent. Other accent-necessary songs include anything by Pink Floyd, Julie Andrews, or Lily Allen.

Knock me down - I'll get right back up again...Come back stronger than a powered-up Pac Man! - sounds beautiful in "Mockney." Really.

I wasted at least five minutes this evening thinking about what life would have been like if I took Keith Flint -the lead singer of Prodigy - to a date function in college.

He sure dances differently than the Dogtor.

Off to drop a few matches into the woodstove, ball up some more paper, and make tee-pees with kindling.


  1. Evans will compete with you for the roll of firestarter. He is the firestarter. But you do have the firestarter cruset pot.

    I cannot find my shoutout rod stewart blog post? It was in my google reader but anyway--thanks for that. My belly chain is too tight right now. Cannot wait to fill you in. When is a good phone chat time?

  2. Keith Flint had the creepiest "boso-esc" hair ever in that video. And the dancing, well yes, we will just call that different! Thanks for the flashback, haven't listened to Firestarter in ages.

  3. Em - Evans will totally win the firestarting competition - though I am practicing. Leslie - yes - Keith's hair does smack of Boso influence!