Sunday, March 21, 2010


What is the difference between Civil War re-enactments and the "live action role playing" world of LAIRE from the movie Role Models?

Not much.

From the Raleigh News and Observer's coverage of the Bentonville Re-enactment:

"Nobody wants to be a Union soldier," said Raleigh resident Wes Jones, 58, of North Carolina's 6th Cavalry Regiment, Company I, before Saturday's battle. "Playing a Confederate is more fun. Even though we lose, you get to play the underdog."...Sometimes a Confederate soldier, such as Jones, will don a navy blue jacket the first day to level out the numbers. And sometimes, dead Union soldiers come back to life to shore up the North's numbers.

Not the boys from Chicago, though.

"Our unit says that once you've been hit, you stay on the ground," said DellaVedova, who works at an electrical power plant in his civilian life.

Long live Augie Marks: "Naysayers tell me 'You should be embarrassed. You should not be fighting. You look like Marvin Hamlisch. I say: Nay, I am not embarrassed. I will fight!' "

(Augie photo source; Bentonville photo source.)


  1. haha i like this one. download and play around with it. you can clip out parts of photos and re-paste onto another photo (ie: Fray appearing in a civil war re-enactment). Yay Healthcare!!
    Love, Em

  2. catching up on some of your bloggings... I totally had this same thought (civil war re-enactment = live action role play) when watching role models myself. epiphanic! (i'm pretty sure that's not a word, but i love it anyways). your pics inspire me to visit the area. hope all is well!