Monday, March 1, 2010

The Last X-Ski, For Me

For the season, most likely. And the first, if I’m being honest. I did more running and snowshoeing this winter—overcompensation for Pregnant Winter ’08.

X-skiing from our back door is one of the best parts of living in Vermont, but I’ve learned to take my skis off before I hit the Poo Gauntlet (5 dogs, people) – a radius of yellow snow and frozen you-know-what that surrounds the house.

My ski boots look like moon boots, and every time I wear them, I want to go en pointe. So, to celebrate the last X-Ski of winter, I did.

It felt as bad as it looks. And I’m totally holding onto the counter.


  1. the poo gauntlet. omg. hahaha

  2. it's something you don't want to fall in; trust me...