Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mad Moves of Manakin Birds and Internet Rabbit Holes

I love birds. I love Michael Jackson. And as ridiculous as this lady is, I love her, and want her job. In fact, I think if I was left alone in the woods by myself for too long, I might become her.

Watch some of my favorite things converge.

(And yes, I know you've seen this video before, but it deserves second and third and fourth visitations.)

I went back to find this video for "story research." "Story research" is how I justify the insane internet rabbit holes I find myself in....

Dogtor: Megan - for real - why are you watching Kids Incorporated re-runs on You Tube?

MMB: Story research. Do you want to watch pre-teen Fergie cover Belinda Carlisle and dance with a midget alien?

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  1. Um, I um, had a 'friend' burn me a copy of The Electric Company's Greatest Hits. For Leo, of course....