Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet a Mayhew-Bergman: Betsy Spaniel

Betsy Spaniel
  • Age: Unknown -6ish?
  • Provenance: Rescued from a vet clinic - originally scooped from the side of the road with mange. Potentially a mix between a King Charles Spaniel and a Brittany Spaniel - with a heavy dose of AWESOME.
  • Likes: Flushing birds, pollinating, consuming dairy products, weaving between the legs of the horse for goat pellets, sprinting uphill, getting lost in the woods, pregnant women, kittens, independently roaming fields, dreaming loudly, jumping above snowbanks and tall grass
  • Dislikes: The UPS man, strange people at urban dog parks in sunglasses, getting her tail brushed
  • Vices: Goat pellets, rolling in dead things (e.g. porcupine), eating socks
Betsy Spaniel is a total feminist - there's a lot of dog in that little body - don't be fooled by the "all party" tail. She and I went on a solo hike at Lake Shaftsbury today. She tried her best to flush birds while on a leash and gave two geese the stink eye.

Miss Betts reminds me of the little "fyce" in William Faulkner's short story The Bear (probably my favorite story - not so short, though - and later incorporated into Go Down, Moses) - a dog that would attack a bear even if it meant certain death - so she could "keep on calling herself a dog."

For more, see Snowy Pantaloons.

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