Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pick Up Sticks

I want to impress the Dogtor when he gets home (he's traveling), so I'm taking on yard projects.

Lesson learned: 5 dogs greatly reduce the efficacy of post-storm stick pick-ups. (You want that stick? That looks like a good stick - mind if I pull it out of your cart?) Old photo, same idea.


  1. 1. I hate that our communication has been reduced to blog-checking.
    2. Sophie would have given her puffy head to be in that pile of sticks.
    3. Fax me a scone.
    4. Good job saving a fish. Do you remember I won a goldfish at the RM fair? It died the next morning. (Too bad it wasn't a hampster)

  2. Scone is faxed, along with documents, documents, documents.

    I remember that RM fish. And I remember the shady green dish Rhombus put it in, and how for the next decade I refused to eat from it.

    Miss you.

  3. Ew haha! it was a shady green dish. Right on. I am going to send Fray a pantyhose hampster for her birthday.