Monday, March 8, 2010

See You at the Pleistocene Seabeach

I'm always reading about 7 books at once, and one of those is The Great Dismal by Bland Simpson, a memoir/natural history piece about NC's Great Dismal Swamp. He drops the term "Pleistocene Seabeach" like it's nothing, and I'm totally wrapped up in the assonance. So, in addition to the medley of obscure hip hop on repeat in my brain this week, I'm saying Pleistocene Seabeach over and over.

Between my strange chanting and FEMINIST LEGS, the locals are keeping their distance.

Still in Beaufort. Went for a jog this morning, brooded on the end of a pier, and racked up an impressive wildlife count:

-6 wild horses
-1 heron
-1 ibis, stalked by two enterprising gulls
-the Birdshit Hipster on a bike! True story. See earlier post.

We closed out the morning at the NC Aquarium - Fray-monster and I cooed at some otters and got touchy-feely with skates and rays.

Going to hit up some antique shops soon - the owners start sweating when they see me and my giant diaper bag coming.



  1. Did you miss me yelling at you from the balcony? I posted some pics on my blog. Erv, Van, & I still clear of the rotary club virus. <3/Miss

  2. that poor little sea turtle...i didn't know my daughter had a carnivorous appetite for endangered species....