Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snow, Sun, and Woodford

I was going to start my day off with a long training run, but the thermometer read 9 degrees this morning. Whaaat? I can do 20 and snow, but 9 is just mean-cold. 9 is when you can't feel the inside of your nose and you wonder if you are still breathing. 9 is when you worry your insides are crystallizing.

So the Dogtor, Fray-monster and I enjoyed a hike in the snow at Woodford State Park. We were feeling Jesus-like, as if we could walk across deep snow without falling through the crust - and for the most part, we did. Except when we didn't, and we were knee-deep in the stuff.

Three men passed us - they had beer in the front pockets of their flannel shirts. It was that kind of day, I guess.

In other news, when the wind blows just right, I have hair like Justin Bieber. And I hate myself for knowing who that is.

(Imagined photo captions: Toyota commercial in the woods! You're really going to let me navigate?! And - Swoon. My two favorite people.)


  1. Every post I read of yours I smile. Now I'm grinning. Great photos, great words!

  2. I am almost positive that Tyra, Miss J and Nigel would all have GREAT things to say about this shoot. Fray keeps it fierce, the Dogtor knows how to strike a pose and you are just a model HTT!

    Don't ask how I know this. I watch CW against my will.

  3. Thanks Andrea! And Chris - I love this comment. Cracked me up. Fray is TOTALLY fierce, and the Dogtor is inherently model-y, despite his best efforts to ignore this fact!!