Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Visual Aid

Not to out myself as a dork or anything, but I once made a model of the Hammock House (above) using straws and poster board. Blackbeard allegedly lived here with a mistress, and it is mega-haunted, as all old things in the south should be.

When we had our place at the beach, I was starry-eyed over Charles Harry Whedbee's books on legends of the Outer Banks. If there was a sea witch, girl-turned-albino-deer, ghost ship, or mysterious skull cup, I tried really hard to believe in it.

I'll have to make sure Fray-monster is exposed to tall tales, even if I have to make them up. (Lord - what do I know about New England lore? Well, Frasier, these people were very cold and ate a lot of apples… There was a sleigh, and snow. Crap. Already bored. Maybe the Dogtor can do better?)

This fascination with myth reminds me of something the character Sophia from Djuna Barnes' novel Ryder says: Realism is no food for a child.


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