Wednesday, April 14, 2010

City Things, Country Things

I visited the big, big city last week and attended a great event at the James Beard Foundation in celebration of the Oxford American issue I recently contributed to.

I am not an urban person, but I do love watching urban people, pretending to be urban, and having amazing meals with good friends. I'm learning to be friendly with NYC.

When I think of city-ness, I think of George Michael's Father Figure video. (Am I ever more than two steps away from a George Michael reference?) In this music video city (Pop-Up Video says it's LA), women wear fashion-forward coats, have anger management issues, and wear painful shoes. Men like George Michael have small bedrooms, stalk models, and invest heavily in fans. Surely, these things are universal for all city dwellers? No?

Country mouse things I did today: groom our old mare, run dirt roads, feed five dogs.


  1. This post is hilarious. I read country mouse/city mouse to Van the other is definitely partial to the rural lifestyle. And by the way...some of the "women" with anger management issues in this video don't really look like women. Thanks for the throwback video, there is something so vh-1 captivating about this!!

  2. This post and video are phenomenal! I'm pretty sure, now, that you have the most awesome taste in music ever :) I loooove George Michael!