Friday, April 30, 2010

Good, Clean Fun

My sister is coming to Vermont this weekend, which equals 110% pure happiness for me, and means I will be fatigued for days after hours of chronic laughter.

I'm posting Sia's Clap Your Hands, because A) I adore her voice and B) I think if Em and I were to take a bite of an Alice B. Toklas original brownie, we would end up making these music videos.

I love that Sia doesn't use her music videos as a vehicle for projecting herself as a sex object - puppeteering is awesomely un-sexy. And thus, sexy. I love a bold woman unafraid to rock a mustache.

Other fave moments in this video: the George Clinton-inspired koala, the (almost zen?) leapfrogging at 3:11, and the airplane hat at 1:50, which will probably be on my short list for Halloween costumes.

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