Thursday, April 22, 2010

My First Galley Proof

Jazz hands! I received my first galley proof in the mail today! I checked the mail after class this afternoon and found the envelope from Algonquin. I held the galley proof (it looks just like the "real book" will as a trade paperback) for about ten minutes, completely awe-struck.

I'm so grateful and proud to be included in the 2010 New Stories from the South anthology, especially the volume edited by Amy Hempel. Her introduction to the collection is phenomenal - but would you expect anything less? Every line she produces is perfection.

I more than admire the writers in this year's anthology: Rick Bass, Brad Watson, George Singleton, Bret Anthony Johnston, Padgett Powell, Tim Gautreaux, and Wells Tower - to name a few. When I see my name in the table of contents alongside these guys - I pinch myself. Hard.

A big first. I may be sleeping with this galley underneath my pillow and hauling it around town in my bag for months to come.

(Photo - '09 NSFTS. Not sure if I'm allowed to unveil the '10 cover. Kind of like a next generation Apple Product, you know? No?)


  1. Too cool, too cool! Congrats, Mrs. Parker...

    Oh wait. Wrong Algonquin.

    Or is it? ;)

  2. May I come over and admire it? And the Fray-monster too. Congrats!