Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nettles - FAIL

Recently, a good friend has been telling me about the beauty of cooking with stinging nettles, and generously dropped off a bag of the little zingers.

Ever cautious, I read up on ways to neutralize the sting prior to consumption, and settled on a stinging nettle pesto recipe...only to find I was out of garlic. (Once you grow garlic in your garden, it's tough to spring for store-bought.) So I decided to go for a blanch, then a simple saute. (Though apparently a saute is enough to squelch the sting.)

I blanched, drained, rinsed...and tasted. Instantly I felt a slight sting on my fingertips (disclaimer - could have been my very active imagination). What I'm saying is, I dorked out - and the nettles went to the compost pile.

So far - 0 for 1 in foraging experiments. Next up - fiddleheads?


  1. What part of 'stinging nettles' sounds delectable? If you were starving in the woods with a sauteƩ pan, perhaps...

    Now fiddleheads sound as if they will dance down your gullet like drunken gypsies adorned in green... Stinging nettles? An angry and poisonous Yankees third baseman.

  2. What can I say?! I was feeling adventurous and optimistic.

  3. Ah, makes the world go 'round, does it not? ;)

    Good on you!