Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nuns on Scooters

Years ago, through the grace of a Google art widget, I came across the work of Alan Macdonald. I love the richness and classic sensibility of his canvasses; some of his darker works remind me of Romaine Brooks (if only Romaine had a sense of humor.) I particularly like his pious figures on scooters. The plastic bags, potato chips, and Coke cans add a dose of modernity and snark, and the elements of the natural world (boars, lambs, swans, landscape) in his work are incredibly appealing to me...altogether a curious juxtaposition of images that sends my mind into narrative: how do these things belong together? What is the story here?

Macdonald writes of his successful artistic endeavors:

"On the luckier voyages, though, you arrive somewhere that is strangely familiar, but which you have never seen before. It's a distant coast of you."

This morning finds me wondering if the same is true with a successful piece of short fiction. I'm not sure I'd know, but I like the idea.

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  1. I love this painting! Kayaks and wine!!!! SIGN ME UP!!! I cannot wait to visit. Just wish we had more time and could get the wumpuses together. Love you we missed you at Easter.