Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ode to Krispy Kreme

For five years, I lived behind a Krispy Kreme. (Or catty-wampus, to be precisely imprecise.) Oh, those men in paper hats - they loved to power wash at two AM, and drive their doughnut trucks in reverse for what sounded like hours at a time (cue incessant beeping.) And when our parties turned rowdy, there it was...glowing in the night...smelling like sugar and fat globules - and open.

One night a friend even tried to steal a truck, but I'm not spilling names. (Just initials. JP.)

Anyway, it seems that said vintage Krispy Kreme is getting a makeover. I can't imagine how quiet the block is at night. I CAN imagine how nice it must be to walk your three dogs and NOT have one of them pull you across the road for a half-eaten, ant-inhabited doughnut.

Dear Krispy Kreme - grandfather of intentional corporate misspellings - I miss those walks, and I miss that house, and the drunks sleeping behind our fence with a box of glazed originals.


  1. Krispy Kreme (the grocery store version) has made it to England, but I have struggled to explain to my English co-workers why the "donuts" are so much better hot. "Um...well they are really sticky....and hot....and just better." Just another conversation that ends with my English co-worker staring at me like I am slightly odd.

  2. Your old Krispy Kreme has been blown up! Well, not exactly... but it's undergoing a 6 week renovation and it looks like it's been bombed. Harriet and I walked by it last night and there is no more front wall to the place; everything (and I mean everything!) has been torn out from floor to ceiling. There are huge piles of rock, dirt and debris everywhere, but that still doesn't stop people from parking their car and leaping out of their car in hopes that the "CLOSED FOR RENOVATION" signs don't mean that they're not still selling doughnuts.

    I'll send you a picture if I ever get my act together enough.


  3. Keating - too bad the Brits don't understand the beauty of "hot and now." But they do understand paprika flavored crisps - I wish Americans did.

    Ted - I would LOVE a photo. I imagine the block's chi is a little off with the Kreme in disarray...