Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pre-Dinner Swamp Visit

I had butternut squash roasting in the oven, a salad made, wine open, and the leftovers from today's breakfast casserole re-heating when the boys came in from outside and told me how impressed they were with Fray-monster.

She's not squeamish, they said proudly.

Is she bleeding?! I asked.

No, they said. (They use monotones, always. Bless them.)

And they washed their hands and exchanged knowing glances.

Did she pick up poop in the yard? I asked. Christ on a bike! Tell me!

Turns out, Fray man-handled the salamanders that hide out in the swimming pool hose. The Dogtor decided we should go to the swamp, listen to the Peepers (an energetic chorus of swamp frogs), and release the salamanders. So the Dogtor, Dogtor's father, Fray, and I piled into the wagon with a sloshing bucket of salamanders in the back.

Dogtor's father, aka OPA, handled the release, with Fray's oversight.
Red-winged blackbirds flitted from cattail to cattail.

Sublime pre-dinner activity - highly recommended.


  1. Oh I SO said that for you - was hoping you'd notice. <3 yay!!!!