Friday, April 9, 2010

Still Life with Dogs

This picture is just about right. Fray and I are accidentally dressed alike, like two self-conscious teenage girls at the mall. There is a plaintive dog in the window (sorry, Monsieur Scooty Beags) and one underfoot.

Moreover, I look like a gondola driver. (Anyone else always associate Madonna with gondolas? No? Well - tangent - I forgot about the predators in this video. If you attended my graduate lecture on predation in literature, you KNOW I am all jazz hands about this.)

A still life, not so still.


  1. Jack's face is perfect in this photo. I am thinking "grandma" sounds strange 'on forsythia'... I have to ask myself who that was. Get a good 'lyssa accent goin and say grrrrannneh

  2. I really struggle with the sound of "granny." I gave my students a few paragraphs of Michael Pollan to read yesterday - and within one of the paragraphs I saw the word "Squanto" and I was like - HELL no - I can't say that out loud.

  3. Hiawatha? Thats a common word around our household. Usually something involving a quick karate chop hand motion hiyaa!--watha.

  4. I loooove this picture! So cute. You guys are all adorable! Thanks for visiting my Nana, too. :)

    P.S. I'm very impressed with the frequency of your blogging. Very. Impressed.