Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tasks I Should NOT Attempt

I try to keep a running list of daunting frontier-woman tasks I need to learn while living in Vermont. However, as of today, I am now also keeping a list of tasks I should not learn. Number one on that list is climb dead trees while using a chainsaw.

Thank you, Dogtor and Alan, for your expertise, so that I will never have to be pinned into a harness and hoisted up a tree with a power tool.
(Yes - There is a very skinny man at the top of that tree.)


  1. Nice, I love the image of you lugging a chainsaw around. I wish I could spend more time on the farm.

    Dead trees - no
    Chain saws - yes

  2. Ha - you LOVE the image because it is ABSURD. I know that me and chainsaws do not mix. You guys should come visit us in VT sometime!