Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Chicks and "Gentle Petting"

We met our new chicks today at Whitman's Feed Store. Fray-monster was jazzed - there was a lot of unintelligible babble unleashed at the six little chicks zipping around underneath the heat lamp.

The very nice handler popped them into a cardboard box, which our friend (who is caring for the chicks until Monday) kindly opened to show Frasier. Frasier quickly - and fearlessly- reached into the box with grasping fingers that looked capable of neck-twisting. As everything goes into her mouth, I had visions of Ozzy Osbourne....sigh. Luckily Fray just wanted to touch the chick's head.

Earlier in the day she had excitedly whacked one of the four kittehs across the skull with a remote control. The torture she will unleash on our pets....she does not know her strength.

I often walk her through my facial features.

Me: This is Mommy's nose. This is Mommy's mouth. This is Mommy's eye.
Frasier: (with maniacal giggle) - ahhh! (finger goes into Mommy's eye.)
Me: !@$%* Yes, Frasier. Mommy's eye. It is that thing you are sticking your finger in repeatedly. Do not blind Mommy.
Frasier: (maniacal giggle.)
Me: Your father is colorblind. You need Mommy to have working eyes. Imagine an adolescence with clashing clothes, Frasier.
Frasier: (pulls Mommy's eyelashes)
Me: Are you serious? Who taught you this?
Frasier: (bites Mommy's chin)
Me: Is that a kiss? I'm going to make believe that's a kiss.

We are working on "gentle petting."

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  1. love this post. van has a maniacal giggle. just think auntie snags halloween costume circa mad magician era!!! haha

  2. oh man. let's not think about that. it was not the first time i've been misunderstood - and be honest - that was a totally mysterious costume. you know so.