Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day - Vermont Style

I've been nervous about mother's day ever since my father-in-law (aka OPA) got a gleam in his eye and told me he was planning a run for me. (This man, who spawned the incomparable Dogtor, is a foot and a half taller than I am and likes to run uphill in snow-mud at 5 AM in negative degree temps.)

We woke up to temperatures in the low thirties. Then five of us crammed into the Subaru, parked at some industrial gas facility with video cameras - so the car would be close to the place where we finished our run. You see, OPA fully intended to end the Mother's Day Run with a swim across a river (swollen creek?)

To clarify, in the photos I am flashing my own gang sign - WM - Woman of Mystery. Yes. I know how incredibly lame that is.

We jogged through town and then onto a deserted stretch of the soon-to-be-bypass. It snowed and one of the doctors among us took a phone call - while jogging. There were jumping competitions and all was generally going well until we came to the end of the road - aka a precipice overlooking gravel, cement, heavy machinery, and a rushing body of water. This is where OPA realized a new makeshift bridge had been installed across the river, meaning that a swim was no longer necessary.

And that is how I did not get hypothermia on Mother's Day. So I climbed a giant crane instead. (Thank you, Dogtor, for the video!)


  1. i am surprised none of these dieseled men jogged with the fray-bob-stroller. {i prob spelled dieseled wrong}. i think you rocked the crane photo shoot. just needs some snow confetti. missed you on mothers day! love love

  2. All that and it looks like you won another car, too!

  3. ohhh this is just so spectacular. (happy mother's day dear woman of mystery)