Friday, May 14, 2010

How Sexy is YOUR Tail?

I adore barn swallows. They swoop and maneuver like little stunt pilots in our yard - through the barn, around the crab apple tree, over the fields - and I'm taken by their sweet little forked tails.

A coffee table book we have on "Extreme Birds" dubs barn swallows the bird with the "sexiest tail." (If you love birds, please read this book. If you haven't turned that corner to pure dorkdom yet, cool. We can still be friends.)

Earlier this year, when I groomed the horse (half-assed groom job - sorry Whispy) - OPA instructed me to leave the horse hair on the ground. What will the birds use for their nests if you pick it up? he said.

We've got a pair of swallows in the barn, and a pair (pictured) under the side porch. They bitch and swoop whenever we go near the nest. I'm rooting for them, and lucky for the swallows, only one our our cats is even remotely athletic.

1 comment:

  1. "they've built their nests
    in the chimneys of my heart;
    those swallows that you lost."

    above from some tom robbins book i read back in my college days :) it's stayed with much so that i bought a kissing swallows necklace.

    here's to the swallows- cheers!