Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Things Happen

I've always cringed at stuffed animals in cars - Beanie Babies and faux poodles on the dashboard, etc. I have very few rules in life (an outright lie, but let's pretend), and one of them is - WAS - that I would never allow a stuffed animal to be displayed anywhere in my vehicle.

The first time I realized this rule would be broken was when the Dogtor began using a stuffed cat (this cat wore a t-shirt emblazoned with some veterinary drug company's name on it) to hold our EZ Pass on long drives. Otherwise, the EZ Pass would slide off the dash, and into one of those car abysses where you find potato chips, important receipts, earrings, dog treats and fountain pens. The entire drive, I would manage an inner-freak out about the damned stuffed cat on the dashboard. It's like - please - don't tempt my inner redneck ANY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO.

THEN we had to drive a 1 year old to Pennsylvania - a 6+ hour trip. The Dogtor cleverly installed a giraffe and an elephant in the backseat - a car mobile that Fray clearly enjoyed. Problem is - they're still there, and weeks later I'm driving around, trying to be, you know, kind of cool or something, and there are circus animals dangling in my backseat windows.

That's how it happens, I realized. That's how you become that woman in a beat up Jeep with a different color door, black currant lip liner, and stuffed animals in the car. You start collecting Princess Diana memorabilia, and it's all downhill from there...

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  1. ya'aunt me tuh send ya a pryn-cess figureen?