Saturday, May 8, 2010

Losing Loveboys

I first heard about this exhibition via my friend, the phenomenal artist Leslie Parke. Allen Ginsberg's photos - and insanely wonderful captions - are on display at the National Gallery of Art in DC, some of which include gorgeous shots of Kerouac.

Jack Kerouac spent time in my hometown of Rocky Mount, NC - living with his sister and mother in a little house on Tarboro Street.

Ginsberg even name checks RM in line 62 of Howl - this is after the cool parts about crying in white gymnasiums naked, losing loveboys, and biting detectives - he writes of the “best minds…who retired to Mexico to cultivate a habit, or Rocky Mount to tender Buddhas or Tangiers to boys or Southern Pacific to the black locomotive' or Harvard to Narcissus to Woodlawn to the daisy-chain or grave.”

I'm tempted to find a way to see this exhibit - the NPR article slideshow has a few good snippets. The caption quality humbles, especially in this Facebook world of photo sharing. Enjoy.

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