Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Kind of Place

Vermont junkyards with old cars! Be still, my heart!

I don't totally get all the old car jokes this guy makes (real control arms...huh huh huh), but the fun starts at 1:50 (near where he says "dug" the way Fray says Dog.) I car-crush on the '57 Chevy at the end. I think I might take the Dogtor on a picnic lunch here. The weird dates I dream up...

There are tons of video slideshows of old cars languishing in junk yards. (In fact, I enjoyed the soundtrack to one of them so much I just downloaded some Willie Nelson...Yesterday's Wine.)

My grandfather drove a '57 DeSoto - baby blue with a white top. It mortified my mother - I'd love to have it now...so I could mortify Frasier. These things work in cycles, you know?


  1. I was obviously going for the runaway station wagon clip. Now beaufort will always hold a special place in my heart as the homesite of the nation's largest collection of sneaky wood-paneled wagons. Just to whet your palate:

  2. Gawd bless Angela Lansbury!!!! (Although when I pulled up the video, a commercial with a man painting heart burn advertisements on his chest came up. Whoa.)

    If you ever see a driver-less, wood-paneled station wagon cruising down Rampart Street, you know who's in the bushes with a remote control....or DO YOU?

  3. hahaha whoops! well you know how i feel about heart burn...

    sike. i miss you!! i am sure rhombi will find you a hornet to embarrass fray a little.

  4. Now I know who to take with me when I go to watch them crush cars in Granville. I was looking for something to paint after my crushed cans.