Friday, May 21, 2010

My Summer in a Head Net

I picked my parents up from the airport yesterday. We drove up the driveway, anxious to see Frasier, who was sitting on a quilt on the lawn with the sitter. I scooped her up, and proceeded to present my gorgeous spawn to my parents for love and inspection.... immediately realizing that my gorgeous spawn had dried blood caked behind her ear and in her blonde curls.

It looked as if a baby-body part-thief had tried to remove her ear.

Black flies, I hate you. In addition to hating your painful parasitic baby-noshing tendencies, I hate the term "blood meal."

After dinner al fresco, I realized I too had multiple bites. Here's to my summer in a head net.

Also - why must all mannequins have that self-satisfied smirk? You are so damn prepared for the world, head mannequin. Nothing can stop you. (I've always aspired to be a Matthew Wilder back-up dancer.)

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  1. that video is ridiculous. i think i have found our new thanksgiving dance party choreography inspiration...

  2. I so HAVE that hat. Mine says "Bite me" on the canvas.

  3. Em, I hope we can still fit into our leotards and find white gloves. Can you imagine being the dancer who presented that choreography to the company? THIS is what we're going to do for Matthew Wilder....

    Andrea - I am either buying or making a head net, and I will emerge from it in fall. Or a body net, if I have to.