Sunday, May 16, 2010


After a year or two of obsessing over Edna St. Vincent Millay's biography (Savage Beauty), I applied and was accepted as a fellow at the Millay Colony for the Arts in 2007. I spent a month that November wearing a sexy orange vest and walking the grounds - half afraid I was going to be shot by a hunter, half obsessed with Edna-things....the gin pile, her grave stone, her un-restored home. Oh. And writing, too. I did a little of that.

Today, on the way home from a wickedly fun party in Boston, the Dogtor detoured and let me pay my respects to Millay (whose homestead is in Austerlitz, NY - just over the MA border, near Stockbridge.) So - Fray-monster got her first dose of Edna in, and paid her respects to Vincent and Eugen.

While I was a resident at the Colony, I was in such an introspective and ME-oriented mode. It was surreal to roam the grounds today and hear my daughter's voice bouncing across the lawn - a being whose existence I had not even considered during my time at Steepletop.


  1. thanks for sharing this experience~ seems like that place is super special for you.

  2. Oh my word. How sweet. Lucky Fray, communing with the spirits already.