Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sad Sounds of Cattle

Once, months ago, I asked OPA why the cows across the road were mooing so dramatically. They're in heat, he said.

I asked again over dinner last night - and wished I hadn't.

Me: OPA, why are the cows so loud today?
OPA: You don't want to know.
Me: Yes I do.
OPA: They probably separated the calves from their mothers.
Me: I didn't want to know that.

And so last night, I listened to a cow "bawl" to her calf. ALL NIGHT. At 2 AM, the calf was bawling back. Apparently this happens when the calves are weaned and separated. It was the most desperate, gut-wrenching sound.

It broke my heart (easy to do.) Moo, Frasier. Moo. Glad we're in the same pasture.

And yes. I have anthropomorphic tendencies.

Photo - neighbor's cows near our house on West Mountain Road


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