Monday, May 3, 2010


Rocked a sick Fray to sleep outside this morning underneath the big maple with a storm blowing in. (Cue Stevie - oui! Live in Paris.)

There is more mystery in a southern storm - I think I believe that more than just wanting to believe it. I lived for the pea green skies and house-shaking thunder in Raleigh. I used to pour myself a glass of wine, settle into the porch swing, and listen to the lightening crack. Our neighbors did the same - nothing like a wild storm to bring people outside.

Our house in Vermont sits on top of a hill, and the wind is what matters here.

Conclusion - a storm is best experienced in an old house. Wait - everything is.

(Photo Credit - Gaston Callum via The Architecturalist)
(Photo Credit 2 - "The Powerline Capital of the World" by Steve Rob - Southern Decay stream on Flickr)


  1. Great post. I feel the same way about storms! I love both of those photos too; just gorgeous!

  2. i loved those stormy green Jersey skies of my childhood. looking forward to sitting on a porch to watch the storms roll by..