Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Dresses

The wedding circuit picks up this time of year, which means summer dress shopping. And summer dress shopping reminds me of Irwin Shaw's Girls in Their Summer Dresses. Such a blast of truth, right?

"I like the girls in the offices. Neat, with their eyeglasses, smart, chipper, knowing what everything is about, taking care of themselves all the time." He kept his eye on the people going slowly past outside the window. "I like the girls on Forty-fourth Street at lunchtime, the actresses, all dressed up on nothing a week, talking to the good-looking boys, wearing themselves out being young and vivacious outside Sardi's, waiting for producers to look at them. I like the salesgirls in Macy's, paying attention to you first because you're a man, leaving lady customers waiting, flirting with you over socks and books and phonograph needles. I got all this stuff accumulated in me because I've been thinking about it for ten years and now you've asked for it and here it is."

Here's hoping I pick one out that would turn Irwin's head.

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  1. And on your way, blast Bruce's "Girls in their Summer Clothes."
    Gotta love the line:
    Love's a fool's dance
    I ain't got much sense but I still got my feet