Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Hair, Awkward Swagger

I have week-long obsessions that turn into affinities; this week's is vintage Tina Turner, circa sixties and seventies. I subsequently revisited less vintage Eighties Tina, and her What's Love Got to Do With It video - and realized some similarities with my favorite Winehouse video, Tears Dry On Their Own. (And yes, I should have been working.)

Video-to-Video Similarities:
1. Big Hair - Epic, epic, inimitable big hair!
2. Awkward Swagger - Both look stiff and in need of yoga, but rock distinctive street swagger
3. Street Walkin' - Tina and Amy purposefully take to the streets to sing about love
4. Pan-Like Qualities - Like an urban Pied Piper, both women attract movable flocks of hipsters

Sometimes, walking in cities, I feel like I'm filming a low budget music video. I think this fear was initially baked into my subconscious through too many viewings of the Wilson Phillips "Hold On" video - and this is shooting fish in a barrel - which is what would happen if a Hallmark card married Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog. (Talk about Pan-like qualities! Sexy bowl cut alert!) See 2:49 mark for evidence of street-walking/singing compulsion.

Conclusion - if you're ever accompanying me in a city, and notice I'm beginning to walk assertively, and move my lips - you know what my imagination is up to.

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  1. Chynna Phillips' wild gesturing in that video makes me think of Kristen Wiig as the Target Lady :)

    Also-I feel the same way sometimes about walking through the city! I find this song has an excellent walking pace, and usually find myself walking pretty assertively ;)

  2. LADYkILLAs! (stay with me tonight...feel just like a school boy gurlll ohh)