Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bike Shopping

I've been shopping for a bike for almost a year now. The routes I bike are mostly dirt roads and highways, leaving me with the question: mountain bike or road bike? (For months, almost everything I looked at had flowers on it. What makes bike designers think that women want giant hibiscus flowers on their bikes? For chrissake - I'm 30, not 5.)

For a while I thought, okay, I'll do a hybrid - but a student of mine implied that only old ladies ride hybrid bikes. So, you know, that's out. One day I will rock my Old Lady Status, but not this year.

While in Key West, I developed a significant bike crush. We caught sight of this guy a time or two before we got a full on video, and he happened to cruise by just as we were exiting the drag show. It was like catching a unicorn. Words cannot describe the glee we felt. (I felt?) And neither can my (truly awful) dance moves.

But what made me happiest was that this dude pimped out his bike for FUN - he wasn't trying to sell a damn thing - he was just cruising around in all his sparkly, funk-tastic glory. God bless him.


  1. What song is he playing? Need to download!

  2. Love it! I think don't be afraid of the hybrid bike if you'll be on some dirt roads...