Monday, June 7, 2010

David Lee Roth and White Noise

"What good is knowledge if it just floats in the air? It goes from computer to computer. It changes and grows every second of every day. But nobody actually knows anything." -Don DeLillo, White Noise

White Noise is certainly one of those books that catalyzed my sense of what a book could be. I think of DeLillo fondly every time a piece of pop culture crap lodges itself inside of my brain matter like shrapnel and won't let go - and this week's shrapnel is David Lee Roth's Gigolo.

I can't stop singing this song. I put it on my running mix, thinking if I listened to it long enough, the itch would be scratched. It wasn't. I looked up the video. Now I'm intrigued - unfortunately, disastrously intrigued - by Roth's pop culture skewering and gyrations in a pair of chaps in front of the "Censorship Bored."

It's so overacted (coke-fueled?), hyper-sexed, cheaply produced....Roth is such a slapstick, charming raconteuse. I wish it wasn't so interesting...fat horn players emerging from ghastly lit outhouses? the bebop and skat?

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  1. The guitar player catching on fire is pretty whack. I love your shipwreck post too. I can just see Fort Macon Snags with a metal detector! Thank goodness mom didn't get you one and didn't let me play the clarinet. (No offense to clarinet players).