Saturday, June 19, 2010

Key West Drag

Good Sport Award goes to....THE DOGTOR. He - not unenthusiastically, mind you! - took me to a drag show while we were in Key West for a veterinary conference. And poor Dogtor - he is so wildly handsome that the queens only had eyes for him. I practically had to stand on my barstool to get them to take my money.

Five minutes into the show:
Me, screaming over loud music: THIS IS AWESOME!
Dogtor is silent.
Dogtor: I can't get over it.
Me: What?
Dogtor: I can see makeup on her mustache.
Me: Oh.

Our absolute favorite was the Britney/Janet Drag enthusiast - but we were so captivated/intimidated that we only managed to snap a few seconds of video. During the Janet medley, she took us straight to 1993's IF with over-methodical-we-could-see-her-counting was like x-rated cheerleading camp. And we couldn't turn away.

GREAT FUN! Those girls WORK - and clearly know their way around a MAC counter.

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  1. OMG. Are we sure Loretta wasn't on stage with her fish nets and cane?