Monday, June 28, 2010

Something to Brood About

I like to have things to mull over when I travel. Whenever we camp at Lake George (something I've done for the past seven years, at least), I think about Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz. Stieglitz had a family home on Lake George, and for a while O'Keefe accompanied him there.

His photographs of her melt me-a photographer intensely in love with his subject - or if not love, bewildering admiration (Is there a difference?). She was a capable subject - though growing up I only saw pictures of the sun-damaged southwestern O'Keefe, in her prime Georgia was, well, HOT. According to Stieglitz's biographer Richard Whelan, when they first got together "they were like two teenagers in love. Several times a day they would run up the stairs to their bedroom, so eager to make love that they would start taking their clothes off as they ran." Crazy kids.

Though much of the camping trip will be spent blissfully chasing a one-year-old across the rocky island, I hope to steal away on a few solo kayak trips - looking for loons and imagining the pristine turn-of-the-century landscape Stieglitz loved.

Future reading: Alfred Stieglitz at Lake George

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  2. Sorry--left a word out in my first attempt! (Blame baby on lap.) Just to say that I loved this post--you say so much in just a few paragraphs. Enjoy your trip, and please give hugs to "the fiancees" for me! : )