Thursday, July 8, 2010

Close Encounters with Swallows

Let it be said - I cheer on over-protective mothers. If Frasier was in a mud nest packed with a little dog hair, I'd dive bomb anything that walked underneath. But as much as I admired the swallows' devotion, I never got used to small projectiles whizzing at my head like kamikaze pilots. (Watch for the fly-by at the 11 second mark.)

Thankfully, the little ones have flown the nest (there were six across our property) and I can now walk across the driveway without swearing.


  1. oh snap, i saw it! we've got one of those in our breezeway. but no babies, methinks, because the bird just flees. it must be surprised to see people after having the whole place to herself for a year. i just hope she eats some of the yellowjackets nesting on our roof...

  2. this just makes me miss being there. :) hi Taina!