Friday, July 9, 2010

July Garden Update

Holy garden explosion! We left for a long weekend and came back to rogue dill plants the size of, well, me. And a hundred mini-cucumbers. Thirty plus juvenile squash and zukes. Lettuce past its prime. Broccoli threatening to flower.

The beets are ready. The carrots have been thinned (by the steady hand of the Dogtor). New buttercrunch lettuce has been weeded. The raspberries are making a half-hearted go of it. Leeks and onions are tiny but usable. Spinach has jumped the shark.

Upcoming garden projects: Weed, weed, and weed. Plant a new round of lettuce. Pawn squash off on friends. Give the basil a pep talk. Start putting things up. (Tip - a great way to get the air out of your freezer bags - stick a straw into the bag and suck until you almost pass out.)

Bad cell phone photography = injustice to garden bounty.


  1. I am an excellent weeder. See you in 7 hours!

  2. I need some vegetable lessons. We got tomatoes, herbs, and strawberries...but our zucs and squash = far from bountiful. Loved lake george pics. Missing you guys and see you soon!! Love Love