Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Loon Watch 2010 is now over. As a volunteer, I was tasked with surveying three bodies of water in Southern Vermont for loons. I found zero.

My count was not helped by the fact that I spent two hours trying to find one of the ponds. Infamous navigational skills at work! (Anthropological diagnosis: I was totally a gatherer in my past life.)

But I did find other cool things. Like a crumbling mill on a washed out section of Howe Pond Road. I crossed a decommissioned bridge (adrenaline high for the risk averse!) and admired the rushing water beneath. I had a close encounter with a red-tailed hawk on a dirt road. I drove up a dirt road that turned into a hiking path and had to spend a few minutes driving the Subaru in reverse. I talked to a Census Worker who had not brushed his hair in a very long time.

I also talked to some very strange men in a general store near Readsboro:

MMB: How do you get to Howe Pond? I'm on Howe Pond Road - I don't get it.
Strange Men: I haven't been up there since college!
MMB: (silence.)
Strange Men: Well, it's kind of grown up back there. You might find a logging trail?
MMB: Okay.
Strange Men: Why you need to go up there anyway?
MMB: I'm looking for loons.
Strange Men: (amused silence. One scratches his back hair, which is curling over his collar and around his neck.)
Strange Men: You gone find some loons up there, just not the type you're looking for.
MMB: Cool.

Loonless in Vermont


  1. Megan,

    Great dialogue! Made me chickle.

    I also loved the Whitman lines from the previous post. What a great metaphor for so many things...parenting, writing, and friendship come to mind.


  2. Thank you, Lis! I enjoyed your blog post on Ginger Oat Shorties...a "must make" on my list now...

  3. um, MMB, this is the funniest post I've read in a long time. Keep looking for those loons! I love Vermont. I called a hardware store in Warren last month to get their address and asked them: "where are you located?" and the guy who answered said: "right here!"

  4. soooo funny.. did you find the pond? or any other "loons"?