Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miss Sophonsiba's Finishing School for Wicked Chicks

All hail Miss Sophonsiba's Chicken Shanty! AKA Miss Sophonsiba's Finishing School for Wicked Chicks! AKA the Mayhew-Bergman chicken coop, stocked with 5 chicks. (Sophonsiba is one of the gals in Faulkner's Go Down, Moses - no one wants to marry her.)

We have 2 barred rocks and 3 black silkie bantams.

The two barred rocks are named Jezebel and Sudio (Yes, this is a Phil Collins reference.)

The 3 silkies are Georgina (Wham!), Djuna (Barnes), and Mina (Loy). I am most certain Djuna Barnes would have been vehemently opposed to being a chicken namesake, which makes it more fun, really.

*Disclaimer - apparently they don't "sex" the silkies - so if one of the ladies ends up being a rooster, I may consider naming him Ridgeley, after Andrew, "the other guy in Wham!"

In other news, Betsy Spaniel is fanatical about the chickens. I can't tell if she wants to smell them or have them for dinner.


  1. Love it! Sophonsiba sounds a lot like SophieLinda... See you all soon!!!!!

  2. Megan, did I ever tell you that I once wrote a short story in high school titled "Another Day in Paradise?" I never did get the rights...

    Sweet chickens!

  3. Titi - i love you. but i'm worried you will eat my chickens. xxoo

  4. I don't eat friends' pets, I promise! Love you too, mama. Hope you're having a fabulous summer.