Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Tomorrow I leave for the Breadloaf Writer's Conference. They've generously given me a scholarship, and I will try my darndest not to waste it, though I'm going to spend an awful lot of time driving back to Shaftsbury to see Frasier (and the Dogtor, of course.) Luckily those two are coming to visit me this weekend - very supportive.

I'll be back on the 21st, hopefully with some lovely photos of Ripton and an old growth forest. I'm largely packed, and we've found a way to squeeze my bike into the Prius.

It seems one can never escape dorm life - not even at 30. But who stays inside during the Vermont summer anyway?


  1. Yay Breadloaf!! Love fray's flashdance. Thank you for my working clothes and I am SO pumped about your book. Evans picked it up out of the box and said: "Did you know Snags's name is on this?" :) He thought you were just sending a book for a fun read.

  2. Oh, have fun at Breadloaf! I have no doubt you'll write something brilliant.