Monday, August 30, 2010

Delicious Backyard Choking Hazards

Authors of child rearing literature like to give new mothers things to be afraid of, like choking hazards. Any time I see a peanut, raisin, or grape near Frasier, I'm on high alert. (Who am I kidding - I'm always on high alert. Hawk-like. On point.)

I'd like to add grape tomatoes to that list - not that Frasier has choked on one (yet) - but they are uber-plentiful in our yard right now and Frasier, independent being that she is, has no qualms about plucking one off the plant and devouring it, turning to me with guilty eyes and seeds plastered to her chin.

Sounds like every hippy dippy parent's dream, right? A kid voluntarily eating organic produce off the vine?

It terrifies me.

I used a whole heap of grape tomatoes tonight to make a spaghetti sauce. I roasted two heads of garlic, caramelized two yellow onions, sauteed a green pepper and squash, and added the oven roasted grape tomatoes (and generous pinches of our oregano and basil. And if I'm disclosing everything - fennel, chili powder, dried jalapenos, and smoked paprika.)

I'll miss summer cooking. I rarely use recipes. I cook like the Swedish Muppet chef on speed. I spend a reasonable amount of time every day thinking - how do I make the same vegetables from our garden taste different tonight? Serving them over polenta the other night was a hit, as was a big batch of Italian tomato/bread soup (pappa al pomodoro) last week.

I make epic batches of all things these days so that most can be put into the freezer for later. There are seven loaves of zucchini bread in the basement - five of them are double chocolate zuke bread. I'm gearing up for pesto. And maybe I'll start looking for more grape tomato recipes, so the mother hen in me can remove all choking hazards from the yard.

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  1. I want to hop into this blogpost and eat your spaghetti.