Monday, August 9, 2010

Earthbound Sand Chickens

This video is an excellent summary of recent August afternoons. Beautiful weather and a saucy toddler with boundless energy romping outside. Exhibit A: Flashdance routine mid-sandbox. Jennifer Beals with pigtails.

And you know that's how chickens fly.

Today, we were admiring the chickens (check out the new outdoor coop component - fashioned by the Dogtor and OPA) and Fray took off toward her sandbox. She toppled a foot in front of it, then looked at her hand, then at me. Her fingers were black.

Yes, friends, dog poop. Probably reason #2,450 why four dogs and a toddler don't mix.

Mama went running - FAST - and got the SAVE. No hand to mouth. Relief. Yeah, I'm bragging.

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