Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Late Summer in Vermont

There's something in these sub-50 degree mornings that hints at Fall. It's time to take a critical look at the apple trees, compose the Fall semester syllabus, buy warmer clothes for Frasier. I'm devoting an hour or so a day to putting up food - making zucchini bread loaves, soups, sauteing greens. Buy stock in Ziploc.

We're enjoying the late summer. This weekend we zipped up to Manchester and got a bike for me (finally), and hit the Dutton Farm Stand - where I developed a crush on a miniature donkey and pygmy goats. Frasier got to practice her goose calls. (Why does my goose call sound like Marge Simpson?)

Clearbrook Farm has a lovely spread of sunflowers in their field on Old Depot Road. Our sunflowers are impossibly tall, but only one has bloomed so far.

On that note - many things in my life are impossibly tall: the Dogtor, my father-in-law, the sunflowers, the dill, our goats (pictured), the bin for the horse feed. I have to dive into the bin when the feed gets low - toes off the ground. I live in a tall person's world - which clearly means I need pygmy goats and miniature donkeys to commiserate with.

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  1. I just posted a picture of a very similar field of sunflowers - love VT in the late summer :)