Sunday, August 22, 2010

Magic Wings

Frasier loves bugs, and I'm glad. I indulge her love of critters and constantly try to model this behavior - e.g. - See, Frasier, Mommy likes spiders, too. Mommy doesn't squeal when she finds one on her arm. See how rational Mommy is?

And it extends: Of course Mommy likes snakes. And isn't afraid of grizzlies. And would totally manhandle a cougar. Or scratch it under the chin. (We're peaceable people, here.)

Butterfly conservatories
make it easy to demonstrate a love of bugs. Frasier was moved to interpretive dance. We made laps around the conservatory, and her enthusiasm never dimmed. And despite the warning signs, she grabbed one off a leaf. (It seemed okay afterward. I couldn't tell if my reactionary gasp was from fear of breaking rules or for the butterfly's welfare.)

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