Friday, August 27, 2010

One-Eyed Goodness

Mr. Pi was recently found shot in the head and eye with a bb gun. He ended up at the vet clinic, and we ended up with one more cat - the nicest one yet.

When you're in the animal business - and technically I'm not - you come across many animals. You get a recalibrated sense of what makes not just a good pet, but a too-good-to-pass-up pet. And when you're married to someone in the animal business, you hear about these TGTPU pets. You go and see them in their cages. You see them in pain and anesthetized - and when they are totally down on their luck and still try to love on your hands through the cage bars, you decide that you absolutely cannot live without this animal in your life.

And that's how you end up in a four cat, four dog, five chicken, two goat, one horse, two fish household. It's how you end up one llama short of an animal sanctuary. (Llama, where are you? We're ready!)

A friend recently pointed out that I have at least two stories with one-eyed animals. Maybe it's the southern gothic in me. Maybe Mr. Pi is a totem of sorts.

Mr. Pi is not afraid of dogs. He's sporty. He's confident - even one eye down he feels entitled to excessive amounts of worship. He does a mysterious running man dance before he drinks his water. He's a talker. He cuddles well. He chitters at birds through the broken window. He tries to climb into the broken window pane while I'm on conference calls.

Do you mind if I put you on hold? My cat is stuck between the screen and the window pane.

Mr. Pi is all white except for a lick of gray on the crown of his head and a silver swath on the tip of his tail. His only flaw so far - he likes to drink my tea.

God help the person who cost him his eye. If I find you...I'll...well...I'm really bad at being threatening. But there's a special place in hell for people who shoot cats...and maybe hell is run by cats...and you've seen how they torture their prey, right?


  1. Megan,

    I so enjoy reading your blog and I thank you for posting about Mr. PI. My childhood cat joined us in a similar manner and he was my constant buddy for the 14 years he was with us. There is something about a stray pet that makes them special.

    I think you might appreciate the book Found Dogs by Elise Lufkin. Several of the stories brought me to tears, but is a beautiful celebration of dog adoption.

  2. Megan, as you know, I am not known to be an animal lover. My dog is named "Flat" and that is because he is painted (literally) on my wall. But you might convert me. A one-eyed cat with this much charisma might be hard to resist.

  3. Megan, This is wonderful. It makes me feel guilty for not adopting the one-eyed cat with a broken tail that was at the humane society. This was about 25 years ago so chances are he isn't there any more! I ended up with the quite odd long-haired Manx instead but we can't take them all. Or can we?

  4. Aw I love Mr. Pi. I'm so glad you could give him a safe and loving home. All animals deserve that!!! I swear all rescued animals know who has saved them and are eternally grateful. And you are right- cruel people deserve to go to h-e-double hockey sticks!