Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Renegade Chickens

Sudio, one of our barred rocks, made a break from the coop this week. A quick scan of the crime scene leads me to think she climbed up one of the homemade perches, said a prayer, and hoped for the best as she coasted over the electric fence. She's on the right side of the law now. Or was last time I checked.

I'm still working through Breadloaf, but am on a bit of a truancy spree - getting a baby and husband fix in yesterday. I'm headed out for a run and then back to the mountain...

Confession: I'm eager to get back to the quiet farm life. But something about the fall schedule looks not-so-quiet...


  1. Actually, what happened:

    Phil Collins was listening to his walkman walking down Route 7A "just say the word Ohhhh!! Sususudio!!" And there she went, back to the arms of her balding master.

  2. I say she fled to Miami :) Please tell me you've seen this episode of Dirty Jobs!

    forward to 1:30

  3. 1. does phil collins frequent vermont?

    2. chicken catchers - oh lord!! at least there's work to be found in Miami....