Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall and Things That Go Bump

Fall has been hovering over Vermont for a while, but this week, despite warmer than usual temperatures, it stuck. The leaves began to fall and the foliage became consistently varied. The Leaf Peepers began pausing in the Mayhew-Bergman driveway to take pictures and infuriate the dogs.

Fall also means things in the walls - scampering, twittering, nocturnal things. After losing a bit of sleep the last few nights, the Dogtor put a "Have A Heart Trap" in the attic. With the magnitude of the ruckus in the walls, I was anticipating that we might trap a raccoon...or an elephant.

Nope - just a small (but fierce!) flying squirrel. He was mad, and mad cute. This morning, the Dogtor and Frasier drove up the mountain to release him far, far away from the house. Bon voyage, little glider.

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