Monday, September 13, 2010

A Family Tri

What do Bergmans do for fun? Family Triathlons. This Sunday, we entered the Josh Billings Runaground Tri as a family team. Our family friend did the 27 mile bike, Dogtor and Dogtor Sr. (OPA) did the 5 mile canoe, and I finished out with the 6 mile run.

The morning was cold (I wore every scrap of clothing I could find in the truck before the run.) But we avoided rain.

Frasier cheered from her stroller and even caught a nap during my run, waking up to cheer me across the finish line. (I was super happy with my time - 46 minutes/7:40 pace. For me, that's a wow. I ate a big bowl of ice cream when I got home to celebrate. I was just looking for a reason, though.)

The Dogtors rocked the canoe race. It was awesome to see them cutting between kayaks to toss me the wristband.

Fray celebrated with a sip of beer at the end. Yeah. I know. We'll stay classy over here.


  1. Way to go Bergmans!!!!!! Just keep Fray away from The Beast!

  2. 7:40 Pace? holy lightening mama. Slow. Your butt. down.