Monday, September 13, 2010

September Farm Update

So what's new here at the farm?

1. I got chicken poop in my hair for the first time. (At least I think it was the first time.)

2. Two of the silkies are almost definitely roosters! Meaning we only have 3 potential egg layers. Also meaning that I've been forced to reconsider naming conventions at Miss Sophonsiba's Finishing School for Wicked Chicks.

Now, I give you George and Ridgely!

Wham! - reinvented, reincarnated as black silkie bantam roosters.

3. The Mayhew-Bergman raspberry patch is giving us a generous fall harvest. It's hard to come back with a basket full, though. Fray is a demanding berry eater. She attached herself to one of my legs while I was sorting through the thorny branches, demanding "More! More!" (and signing "please.")

When I didn't deliver fast enough, she ate a handful of dirt. If it tasted as horrible as it looked...

4. This came out of my mouth today: "No Frasier - do not hit the cats with salad tongs. Gentle petting. Gentle petting."

5. There is a really intimidating spider in my office window. (Cue: The Cure's Lullaby...Robert Smith is so pretty, right?)

Wham Photo Source


  1. Please send Frasier over with the salad tongs. I have some wicked mice I would like her to pet.

  2. Maybe I should get some business cards printed up for Fray? She's pretty ruthless with the tongs, then goes in for a hug. It's a weird system...